ArtiosCAD v7.2 英文正式版(DVD版)(包裝品設計)
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ArtiosCAD v7.2 英文正式版(DVD版)(包裝品設計) 相關網址: http://www.esko-graphics.com 安裝序號: 破解說明: 安裝前請先詳細閱讀CYGiSO資料夾內readme.txt檔,即可完成安裝。 中文化說明: 內容說明: ArtiosCAD是使用最廣泛的包裝結構設計軟體。ArtiosCAD帶有專門為包裝專家設計的專 用工具,適用於結構設計、產品開發、虛擬原型及製造,可以大幅提高貴公司的生產效 率。ArtiosCAD是所有瓦楞紙箱和折疊紙箱設計者的理想工具。 ArtiosCAD is the worlds most popular structural design software for packaging. With dedicated tools specifically designed for packaging professionals for structural design, product development, virtual prototyping and manufacturing, ArtiosCAD increases productivity throughout your company. ArtiosCAD is the ideal product for all corrugated and folding carton designers. Artios CAD's Design Modules are the best there are today. The design and drafting tools of ArtiosCAD include functions that structural designers need to get their job done accurately and efficiently. The tool alignment and snapping features provide graphical feedback, helping both experienced and new users immediately become more productive. Complete 3D integration allows for quick prototyping of designs and presentations, eliminating communication errors and reducing design review cycles. ArtiosCADs layout and tooling design features can be used to create plate layouts and die tooling ?optimized for the production equipment that will be used in manufacturing. The integrated database and reporting features enhance communication within your company as well as with external suppliers. ArtiosCADs Adobe Illustrator plugins truly create the first round-trip workflow for structural and graphic designers. XYZ軟體補給站 強力推薦!!!一定讓你值回票價,保證錯不了。 ≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒ XYZCD Studio(xyz66.com) 目錄編輯 最後,有句老話還是要再強調一次!XYZ製作的目錄,僅僅只是幫助您試用/選購各 種應用軟體之用,如果您覺得這些試用的軟體真的對您工作上真正有幫助,敬請務 必要買原版軟體,以支援作者或出版公司能再出版最好的軟體!!! 為了您將來的後 續服務,更應該要購買原版的軟體!謝謝!!! ≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒ ≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒≒